Empire State Takeover

A proving ground for the best of both today & the future! Shining a light on girls’ hoops, upstate NY & beyond, since 2014!


Based in UPSTATE NEW YORK but in a gym near you! Covering Northeast girls’ hoops every day of the year. Events for high school & middle school players, both open & invitational (including the renowned Summer Run), dedicated media coverage & overall support for the game. Catch the best of today & tomorrow at EST!

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The Nate Lull Podcast Series

APPEARANCE #1 (June 2020): https://natelull.buzzsprout.com/938398/4383335-the-nate-lull-podcast-episode-49-jeff-mlinar

APPEARANCE #2 with Eric Fluty (September 2020): https://natelull.buzzsprout.com/938398/5253634-the-nate-lull-podcast-episode-66-eric-fluty-jeff-mlinar

APPEARANCE #3 (October 2021): https://natelull.buzzsprout.com/938398/9439295-the-nate-lull-podcast-episode-151-jeff-mlinar?t=0

APPEARANCE #4 (June 2022): The Nate Lull Podcast, Episode 186: Jeff Mlinar (buzzsprout.com)

TIMES UNION SUMMER LEAGUE ARTICLE (October 2019) by James Allen: Times Union