Empire State Takeover aims to provide a unique platform for girls’ basketball in upstate NY & the surrounding Northeast region. Its goals are centered around a high level of competition and ample, meaningful exposure to college coaches without bias at any level.

The EST summer league, the backbone of Empire State Takeover established in 2015, is a quality-controlled event that not only brings out many of the best players in the region, but it also aims to bring out the best in those players. The art of competition has helped establish future stars and proven to be a meaningful experience for many. The coaches have followed, as recent years of the league have not only brought an increase of college coaches to evaluate, but most teams have been coached by college coachesĀ over the last couple years.

EST one-day showcases and combines have also proven to be a very effective way to get noticed & get better. The unique perspective on the showcase event format has been well-received by its participants. The usual full-court 5v5 games seen in an exposure event are accompanied by uptempo 3v3 play to allow athletes not just more court time, but also greater opportunity to make an impact in a very evaluation-friendly setting. Individual skill work and breakdowns have also proven to be a valuable piece to the event puzzle, which have been coordinated by current/former collegiate coaches.

EST has grown exponentially since its inception in 2015. In its first year, 12 participants from the rising senior class (Class of 2016) went on to play college basketball. In the following year, 30 Class of 2017 participants moved on to play at the collegiate level. In 2018 & 2019, there were over 50 participants in each class that found homes at the collegiate level, and that number increased in the 2020 class, as over 60 EST participants are moving on with plans to play at the collegiate level (including 26 scholarship-level – 13 D1, 13 D2). On top of the high school events showcasing the best of today, the EST Middle School Combine & Fall Futures Combine – started in 2018 & 2019, respectively – have also been able to showcase many of the shining stars of tomorrow. It’s proving to be a haven for high-level basketball players serious about playing at the next level.

More info to come about additions and changes for 2020 & beyond. If there are any questions, contact me directly or use the ‘Contact’ tab to leave a message!

Jeff Mlinar (Founder, Empire State Takeover)