HS Season is Over… What’s Next?

The title says it all.

With the EST scholastic coverage going to a more comprehensive fashion in the winter, there was plenty of built-in content to provide, whether it was detailed articles from games I attended or just recaps & previews of the action statewide. After 4 months of that, we’re onto AAU season. Ok, cool. What will that bring?

My writing comfort zone, really. Although there won’t be daily writing content on the site, it’ll still be generally consistent – likely a 2-3 per week average (maybe a little more during an evaluation period, a little less during something like an EST event week). Whereas content during high school season focused on the teams & games with players themselves as a secondary, it gets flipped outside of HS season. My primary focus through the fall will be on the players with teams & games as a secondary. The base of everything I do is player evaluation, so I’m looking forward to utilizing that as a primary source of content for a while.

The last weekend of March was a light one for me, but after that, it’s a full go for AAU season. I’ll be out at tournaments every weekend – the big ones that feature many of my coverage region’s finest will dominate the weekends they’re held on, and every other weekend will consist of events that are more local/regional in nature. Also, expect me at a team or program’s practice at least a couple times per week as allowed. Most practice material will be left to social media coverage, but tournament coverage will be a blend of social media and post-weekend write-ups here.

One new thing to look for in coming weeks will be the occasional player feature. Due to various circumstances, that’s become a void in the upstate NY girls’ basketball world, and although it’s not been a piece of EST coverage in the past, no better time than the present to grow. Look for that to become a thing in the next month or so, with the hopes of producing at least one per week.

HS coverage isn’t quite over though. Look for a handful of articles to hit the site over the next couple weeks to wrap up the season that was, from reviewing my preseason thoughts & seeing how they panned out to players that caught my eye in various forms – perhaps even a *really* early preview of next year? More to come.

So in short, there’s a shift of coverage as we hit AAU season, but the subscriber portion of the website will still be very active with content. Also, like HS season, all photos will be stored on the site & subscribers will have access to those too. Keep an eye out along the way for info on upcoming EST events – spring events should be taking place in May & June, exact details TBA – and I’ll see you soon on the circuit!

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