Hoopers’ Holiday: The 2022-23 NYSPHSAA Season Begins

Time goes by, but certain memories don’t fade so easily.

Ask me what I had for dinner on Friday – I probably can’t tell you. However, I’m now fourteen years removed from opening day of my high school senior season (who’s counting?) and the Day 1 feeling is still something I can remember vividly. Even as a year-long hooper, the opening of what we call ‘high school season’ hits a little different.

In just over four months, 20 teams from NY’s five classes will invade Hudson Valley Community College to compete for NYSPHSAA supremacy. Hopefully if the Federation can get together & make it happen this season, the AA/A/B champs will have another weekend after that. That’ll come quickly – it always does – but for now, several hundred teams of various levels have started their seasons with various goals in mind.

The EST website coverage hits another gear for scholastic season – check the archives for proof – and this year will be no different, if not even more. You won’t see more focused girls’ basketball coverage anywhere in upstate NY than here. At minimum, I plan to actively cover Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10, along with keeping a watchful eye on Section 1 & getting there whenever possible. Of course, there will also be several out-of-state trips as well, as I anticipate making stops in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Vermont when the schedule allows.

The 2022-23 season coverage will include – but not be limited to – nightly articles focusing specifically on games I attend in person, daily (or close to it) ‘review/preview’ posts highlighting & analyzing the night that was and looking ahead at the night to come, an occasional post focused on specific game film review as time allows, and occasional ‘standout’ player-based posts for any large-scale scholastic events I plan to attend (the annual Amsterdam Holiday College Showcase or the Josh Palmer Classic come to mind, along with the new She Hoops Upstate Super Scrimmage). The goal for every year is to make it to 250 games during high school year; the expectation is at least 200.

The winter talk is starting the same way it did last year – full season previews for all classes in several NYSPHSAA sections, which also was the starting point of the subscriber content of this site. These include teams, players, and games to watch for all sections/classes covered. Expect to see the following previews before the season gets into full swing (these articles will be linked below as posted):

  • Section 2, Class AA (anticipated post date November 21)
  • Section 2, Class A (anticipated post date November 21)
  • Section 2 Small School (Classes B-D) (anticipated post date November 21)
  • Section 3 Large School (Classes AA-A) (anticipated post date November 22)
  • Section 3 Small School (Classes B-D) (anticipated post date November 22)
  • Section 4 Large School (Classes AA-A) (anticipated post date November 23)
  • Section 4 Small School (Classes B-D) (anticipated post date November 23)
  • Section 5 Large School (Classes AA-A) (anticipated post date November 24)
  • Section 5 Small School (Classes B-D) (anticipated post date November 24)
  • Section 6 Large School (Classes AA-A plus Monsignor Martin) (anticipated post date November 25)
  • Section 6 Small School (Classes B-D) (anticipated post date November 25)
  • The Northern New York preview (Sections 7 & 10) (anticipated post date November 26)
  • Section 9 (all classes) (anticipated post date November 27)

Follow along throughout the season for full coverage on Twitter (@NYSTakeover) and Instagram (@empirestatetakeover) as well. The first allowed date for scrimmages & games is November 21. Although most teams don’t hit full speed with their game schedules until early December, the season is officially here. Looking forward to seeing you in the gym!

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